Call Her Daddy host Alex Cooper reveals Megan Fox’s one demand before she agreed to candid interview where she spilled all her plastic surgery secrets

Call Her Daddy host Alex Cooper has shared the one demand Megan Fox had before she agreed to sit down with the popular podcaster.

The 29-year-old made waves when she inked a $60 million three-year Spotify deal for her hit raunchy podcast.

Although Alex was once known for her Sєx advice, she swiftly shifted her sights to Hollywood heavyweights and began interviewing the biggest names in the industry.

Her podcast soon became known as Gen Z’s guide to Hollywood – with Alex giving fans a glimpse into the personal lives of stars like Post Malone and Megan.

Now, Alex – who recently tied the knot to movie producer Matt Kaplan – is looking back at some of her hit episodes by recalling the lengths she had to go to to get the Jennifer’s Body actress on her show.

While speaking on Late Night with Seth Meyers, she revealed what she promised the 38-year-old actress.

Alex began by sharing that she always sits on the right side while speaking to guests.

Host Seth asked: ‘Well are you on that side because it’s your better side?’

‘Absolutely,’ Alex replied.

She noted that she had only ever switched sides once to appease Megan.

‘The only time that I have switched is when Megan Fox was like, “I will come but I have to sit in your seat.”

‘I was like, “Absolutely sweetie, come,”‘ she joked.

Seth teased that his show would have been ‘cancelled’ if he was sitting on the right.

The actress appeared on Call Her Daddy in March and while there, she finally set the record straight on the various procedures she has had done.

She spelled out what cosmetic procedures she had undergone – including spending $30,000 on the ‘biggest boobs that could fit in my body.’ She also admitted a nose job in her early 20s – but denies claims she’s had the procedure done seven or eight times.

Megan went on to dismiss rumor about other procedures she’d endured – insisting she would never have fat taken out of her body because she’s so lean – while candidly discussing the work she wants to have done in the future.

Ironically, despite admitting she loves the results of surgery and wants people to regard her as a ‘circus freak,’ she confessed she’s shunned many common procedures because she’s terrified of anesthetic.

Speaking on the Call Her Daddy podcast she also detailed the work she’d had had done on her face – getting filler and Botox but not a facelift or threads, a nonsurgical procedure designed to lift sagging skin and stimulate collagen production.

She explained: ‘I’ve never had a facelift of any kind, no lateral brow lift although I would like one!

‘No regular brow lift, I’ve never done threads. That’s not because of some moral thing, I just don’t really believe they work and I’m also afraid that they would interfere when I do need to have a facelift.

‘I am very tempted to go have my eyebrows snatched like all the way [back]. I want that look. That seems fun and you can do it on a lunch break and I see why it’s so tempting.’

She went on to dismiss rumors she’d had buccal fat removal, (cheek slimming)​​ explaining: ‘I’ve never had that done I’ll never have any fat removed.

‘I’m a very like lean person that doesn’t have enough body fat or fat in my face so I will only ever put fat in.

‘I will never be taking fat out, which leads me to I’ve never had any liposuction or body contouring or anything like that.’

In addition to interviewing stars, Alex has been focusing on sports, with her set to join a list of non-traditional commentators in NBC’s lineup for their 2024 Olympics coverage.