Insider Drops Claims On How Machine Gun Kelly Feels About Megan Fox Discussing Plastic Surgeries, Relationships And More During Interview

Last week, Megan Fox opened up about various aspects of her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly as well as her history with plastic surgery and more when she guested on Alex Cooper’s podcast, Call Her Daddy. The chat, unsurprisingly, made headlines, with many taking note of the actress’ candid sentiments. Fox encouraged folks to tune in (while calling out those who “vomit negativity.”) Now, following the honest interview, a source has shared what MGK reportedly thought about Fox’s decision to go public about various topics.

During the starlet’s Call Her Daddy episode, the actress shared the latest on her and Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship. She also reacted to his latest tattoo and shared MGK’s feelings on her writing about him in her poetry book, Poetry Boys Are Poisonous. She definitely didn’t hold back on the topics discussed and, per a source from Entertainment Tonight, the music star had no problem with that honesty:

Megan wanted to go on Call Her Daddy to tell her own story, be forthright, and have the opportunity to speak her own truth without her words being twisted, misrepresented, or misconstrued. MGK is supportive and respects Megan’s openness. He would never want to silence her in any capacity and admires her strength and desire to be honest, even if her narrative involves him and their relationship at points.

So it sounds like the MGK is allegedly in complete support of Megan Fox and wasn’t bothered by the actress getting open on the H๏τ mic. This comes after Fox herself opined that the “Wild Boy” performer was “worried” about what she might write about him. As the source continued:

Megan is independent and needs to do her thing sometimes and MGK appreciates that. They are forever connected and have the intention and desire to continue to move forward with their relationship and their commitment to each other. They are continuing to work on things without putting any pressure on themselves.
The Transformers alum, who has been rocking pink hair lately, didn’t delve into many details regarding what’s going on between them now. As she shared with Alex Cooper, she’s realized that their relationship is “not for public consumption.” She simply called Machine Gun Kelly a “twin soul” along with saying “there will always be a tether to him” without getting into the status of their partnership these days.

On Call Her Daddy, MGK’s name came up a few times. From Megan Fox’s thoughts on the blackout tattoos he debuted on Instagram back in February and her reaction to people calling her “Satanic” for drinking his blood “ritualistically,” there was a lot discussed. As mentioned, the actress also opened up about what specific surgeries she’s had, in order to clear up rumors that she has had more work done then she actually has. Ahead of talking about it, she said that because of all the “stigma,” she felt she was “not going to win” with her comments but hoped her honesty would be of help to some people. See her talk about it in the clip below:

Megan Fox said she had her breasts done “conservatively” back when she was 21 and has gone back a couple of times after nursing her children, whom she co-parents with ex-husband Brian Austin Green, affected them. She shared that she’s never had a facelift, removed fat from her body or done liposuction, but did share she got a nose job back in her early 20s and has gotten botox and fillers.  Her willingness to be so open is very refreshing and, hopefully, it’s appreciated by those who listened in. I also hope that Machine Gun Kelly is indeed very supportive of her transparency and encourages her as his partner and as an individual.