Kim and Kourtney Kardashian: Feuding Over Kim’s Alleged Affair with Travis Barker?

Not everyone is happy with Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian’s romance these days.

There are Kourt’s fans, who worry about Travis’ choices and how much control he has.

But on social media, a lot of people are zeroing in on the Kim side of things. Travis wrote openly of his thirst for her, years ago. And his ex-says that they had an affair.

Does Kourtney believe it?

In 2015, Travis Barker released a memoir, Can I Say. At the time, he could not have guessed how much one pᴀssage would come back to haunt him.

Back in 2006, he had dated Paris Hilton — another acquaintance of the Kardashians. This was when he was merely broken up with now ex-wife Shanna Moakler.

According to his own written confession, Travis kept checking out Paris’ wardrobe organizer. And that organizer was Kim Kardashian.

“I don’t care if she’s the closet girl, she’s f—ing H๏τ,’” Travis wrote in his memoir, calling Kim “eye candy.”

“You might think I would be doing the worst things with this girl because of her [Sєx] tapes,” he mentioned in his book.

“But it was the exact opposite of any other encounter I’ve had with a woman,” Travis added. “I wanted to be nothing but a gentleman to her.”

The TikTokers are discussing the topic — albeit within the strict boundaries of TikTok censorship.

A couple of years ago, Shanna alleged that she had “caught” Travis “having an affair” with Kim.

Travis insisted that he had “never touched” Kim. And, in a more recent interview, he doubled down.

In October, Travis told The Los Angeles Times: “You give people a little information and they think they’ve solved the mystery of ‘This is why they’re fighting.’”

He then commented: “It’s just so ridiculous. That’s [my wife’s] sister.” Yes, she is.

“She knows [Kim and I] used to talk,” Travis added. “Nothing bad was going on.”

Reports make it clear that Kourtney does not buy into the idea that Travis and Kim secretly hooked up and never told her.

Kourt wasn’t with Travis at the time of the claim, and weren’t together until many years later.

While she doesn’t love the rumor, she apparently knows that one or both of them would have told her.

Now, officially, Kourtney and Kim are at odds over Kim seeming to step on Kourtney’s toes with her Dolce & Gabbana fashion collaboration.

It came right on the heels of Kourt’s Dolce & Gabbana wedding, after all.

However, In Touch Weekly reports that there’s a special tension that may go beyond that.

“When Kourtney, Kim and Travis are in the same room now, things get very tense, and everyone walks on eggshells,” an insider dishes. “Travis is just hoping it all blows over.”

The source points out: “But his words are right there in print, and Shanna always likes to stir the pot.” We have all seen that play out.

“Honestly, with all her health problems lately,” the insider acknowledges, “this scandal is the last thing Kourtney needed in the days leading up to the birth of her and Travis’ child.”