Kourtney Kardashian on the first trimester craving she was “obsessed” with

From pickles to peanut ʙuттer and even sponges (yep, sponges), cravings are part and parcel when it comes to pregnancy. And one celebrity who can attest to that is Kourtney Kardashian.

Kourt is currently expecting her fourth child – her first with husband Travis Barker – and after being open with fans about her fertility journey, she’s shared some insight into her first trimester and in particular, her cravings.

“I’ve always been obsessed with carbs in the first trimester,” she said on her wellbeing site, Poosh. “My doctors say, ‘your baby is like a carb monster at that time, and that’s just what they are craving’.”

To that end, The Kardashians’ star said she doesn’t hold back on carbs – or any cravings, for that matter – during pregnancy, but tries to put a healthier twist on recipes when she can. “Lean into your cravings, but try to make healthier choices with them,” she said, sharing her favourite first trimester recipe: A creamy coconut pudding.

“It’s literally all I would eat,” she added of the dessert, which is made with (you guessed it) coconut, vanilla and lime.

Elsewhere in the article, Kourt revealed she experienced nausea throughout her first trimester and combatted this by making sure she never went hungry. “In my first trimester, I was always having to keep something in my tummy to help with nausea,” she said. “So I would always take snacks with me,” the reality TV star added, listing some of her favourite snacks as: bagels, cereal, tangerines and popsicles.

Anyone else feeling incredibly hungry all of a sudden?