Kourtney Kardashian Reveals Her 6-Month-Old Son Rocky Has “Never Been In His Crib”

Kourtney Kardashian’s baby boy is giving her quite the arm workout these days, but she doesn’t seem to mind one bit. While 6-month-old Rocky Thirteen, who The Kardashians star shares with her husband Travis Barker, has an adorable nursery adorned with designer accessories and funky stuffed animals, the mom of four revealed that he’s apparently “never” been in his crib since he was born.

In an Instagram Q&A over the weekend, Kardashian answered several questions from her followers, including one from a new mom who shared that her baby will only nap in her arms. “New mumma here,” the question began. “Any tips on a baby who only likes to be held to take a nap?”

Kardashian didn’t have much advice for this mom other than to just go with it and “enjoy” the moment. “Enjoy every second!” she responded in text over a pH๏τo of Rocky’s crib. “We do the same. He’s never been in his crib. It’s my favorite thing in the world.”

Kardashian, who is also mom to 14-year-old son Mason, 11-year-old daughter Penelope, and 9-year-old son Reign with her ex Scott Disick and stepmom to Barker’s three children, gave birth to Rocky in November, months after having “urgent” fetal surgery. During the season 5 premiere of The Kardashians, Kardashian described the experience as “terrifying” and said she needed to be on bedrest until Rocky was born because there was a “hole in the amniotic sac from where they had to go into the surgery.”

An understandably terrifying situation to go through, indeed and it’s clear she loves cuddling up with Rocky any moment she gets.

Since her little boy’s arrival last year, Kardashian has shared a few other glimpses into her life these days as a mom. For example, she shared that she’s been “obsessed” with her manual breast pump and also revealed that she drank her own breast milk when she was feeling sick earlier this year.

With the newest season of The Kardashians currently airing on Hulu, we’ll likely hear more about her last few months of her pregnancy with Rocky and perhaps a get a few more glimpses inside his nursery, even if he’s not spending any time in it.