Kourtney Kardashian to ‘set boundaries’ and ban family from delivery room

Kourtney Kardashian has been putting out signals that she is fed up with the family drama after all these years, but it looks like her latest pregnancy is at the root of a new feud. The oldest Kardashian sibling is due to give birth to baby number four very soon and rumour has it she wants to film it.

A source told Heat Magazine: “Kourtney wants total control when it comes to the footage, so she and Travis want to hire their own team. Her mum has offered to handle it for her, and has promised she and Travis would have the final cut, but Kourtney is saying they want to to do their own thing, so they need to be 100 percent in charge. ”

This may have ticked off Kris’s inner “momager”. What’s worse for her, though, is potentially being barred from the delivery room. The source said: “[Kourtney’s] family have always been welcome when she gave birth, but now she’s saying she only wants Travis there, which of course has Kris pretty annoyed.”

Her upcoming birth isn’t the only time she’s filmed it. 13 years ago she did the same when she delivered her son, Mason, only she used a handheld camera.

Kourtney’s choice to keep her mom at arm’s length may be a part of her new skills in “setting boundaries”. With the support and backing of Travis Barker, the source said that Kourtney is able to find some “strength” and doesn’t need to rely on them as much.

Travis has reportedly been incredibly helpful throughout the pregnancy. Despite being busy on tour, he’s taken the time to set up some “self care” initiatives for Kourtney. The source said: “He’s helped arrange daily spa treatments, as he said he wants her to feel the best she’s ever felt while pregnant.”

Apparently, he’s even preparing a special music playlist for her birth. The dad-to-be is actually already a father-to-two, so he’s done this a couple times before.

All this delivery drama comes after some have speculate Kourtney could be ready to ditch the family completely. Amidst continuing tension between her and her sisters, a source told the US Sun that she’s finding the show ‘dull’ and may be looking to ‘bow out’.