Kris Jenner Once Allegedly Used Her Daughter Kourtney Kardashian and Her Ex Scott Disick for Ratings

n one of the episodes of the famous show Keeping Up With The Kardashians from 2021, matriarch Kris Jenner revealed her hopes for a potential reconciliation between her daughter Kourtney Kardashian, and her ex-partner Scott Disick. Due to their turbulent romance, which unfolded in front of millions of viewers, the ex-couple, who have three children together, has been the center of attention for years.

According to The Things, a scene from the episode’s teaser showed Kris discovering an old pH๏τo of Kourtney and Scott which looked like they were dressed for a prom. “You guys look like you’re at the prom,” Kris said. As Kris reminisced about their past, she commented that they looked amazing together in the image, and the nostalgia was palpable. Kourtney responded, “That’s really funny to post actually,” which led her to share the pH๏τo with her fans on Instagram.

The focus, however, quickly moved from being merely nostalgic to Kris’ desire to see the ex-couple get back together. During the conversation, Kris shared her desire for Kourtney and Scott to rekindle their love and discover a happy marriage. “Listen, there’s nothing I would love more than to see you live your life and grow old with someone, be happy and content and peaceful. And it would always be so fabulous if it was the dad of your children, you know?” Kris recommended. With a note of sarcasm, Kourtney said, “Wouldn’t that be a dream.”

Scott had reportedly expressed a wish to rekindle the relationship, according to Kris. Since they have a lengthy history together, she revealed that Scott feels that he fits in well with the family. “And I think he fits well with all of us ’cause we’ve all been around each other for so long.” Bringing up Scott’s alleged desires, Kris said, “I think at this stage from what he tells me, he would love for it to be you and him.”

But Kourtney’s reply had a hint of sarcasm to it, indicating her skepticism about Scott’s intentions. She retorted, implying that she might not totally believe what he was saying, “He’s a talker.” Kourtney admitted in a confessional that this wasn’t the first time the suggestion had been made and that she frequently dismissed it since she preferred to keep private matters private.

“My whole family, for a couple of years now, love to just bring up me and Scott getting back together,’ she said. ‘It’s frustrating because Scott and I have had our own private talks but sometimes I don’t care to have it be such a conversation all the time, so I’ll just kind of brush it off in a nice way.”


Some viewers suggested that Kris’ motivations might not have been fully selfless. Although this happened to be the final season of the long-running series, several viewers expressed their doubts, speculating that Kris may be pushing for a reunion between Kourtney and Scott to increase the show’s ratings. Kourtney is now married to Travis Barker and they’re expecting their first child together.