Megan Fox Gets Brutally Trolled For Sharing Her Inspiration Behind Blue Hair At Coachella, Netizens Call It “Midlife Crisis”

Megan Fox is the epitome of beauty and has been a s*x symbol in Hollywood for years. The 37-year-old actress has been aging in reverse and always amazes us with her electrifying fashion sense. The actress constantly experiments with her hair and has now changed it to blue. The netizens are not so fond of her new style as she shared the inspiration behind her blue locks at the Coachella.

Megan is best known for her movies like Jennifer’s Body and Transformers. Recently, she entered The Expendables franchise with Expend4bles. On the personal front, she is in a relationship with music artist Machine Gun Kelly. She was previously married to Brian Austin Green and has two kids.

On April 12, Friday, Megan Fox attended the Coachella’s Celsius Cosmic Desert party. The actress opened up about her inspiration for her blue hair. She sported a white bodysuit paired with denim shorts and wore a black leather jacket. She told People, “I actually have a blue bob right now. We added the extensions in to give it more Coachella energy. I think I bleached it, and I destroyed it. So I might as well run through all the colors before I go brown.”

Before the blue traces, she had colored her hair pink. The netizens, however, are not so fond of Megan Fox’s hair or her style at the Coachella event. One of the users wrote on social media, “It’s freaking H๏τ in Coachella, California. A hat, long extensions, a jacket, and boots? Sweat.”

Another said, “Rubber br*asts and a face pumped with filler and Botox. Yikes.”

One user quipped, “Hilarious that this blue-haired freak is someone’s mother.”

Followed by one saying, “Extensions for Coachella energy.”

“Mid life crisis,” said another.

“I’m trying to look younger look,” added one.

One person coaxed, “Be a mom. That’s why kids get messed up because of parents like you.”

And, “Sooooo bad.”

Check out her pictures, which went viral on X.

Megan Fox posted her picture on her Instagram, captioning it after Lana Del Ray‘s song, Summertime Sadness.