When Megan Fox Said “I’m Not A Tigress Like Angelina Jolie” While Reacting To Their Constant Comparisons In Hollywood!

American actress Megan Fox has received a lot of praise and criticism in her career. One of the best compliments was the comparison with Angelina Jolie. But the actress once broke her silence and explained the difference between both the beauties. Scroll below for all the details!

Megan, who is dating Machine Gun Kelly, once wanted to date Angelina Jolie. She hailed her fierce atтιтude and called Angie her “favorite actress” in Hollywood. She loves the fact that the Maleficent actress is honest and does not mince her words.

Megan Fox reacts to comparisons with Angelina Jolie

In an interview with New York Times Magazine in 2009, Megan Fox reacted to comparisons with Angelina Jolie. She said, “People compare me to Angelina Jolie, and she’s so serious and stoic. I’m the opposite. When I do interviews, I say things that I think are hysterical. But because we live in a world of sound bites, you’re not allowed to have a sense of humor.”

Megan Fox then went on to compare Angelina Jolie with a tigress and added, “Sarcasm doesn’t translate in print at all. And neither does self-deprecating humor. I’m not a tigress like Angelina. Of course, people want me to be. But I want to be the contradiction of that.”

About Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship
Meanwhile, Megan has been making a lot of noise over her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. She began dating the Bloody Valentine singer within months of her split with ex-husband Brian Austin Green.

Fox recently released her poetry collection Pretty Boys Are Poisonous. She made some shocking revelations in the book, including her miscarriage and facing the casting couch by a renowned Hollywood star.

Reports suggested Machine wasn’t happy with Megan’s revelations in the poems. Certain details even hinted at their relationship and that did not go well with the singer.

The gossip mill has it that there is trouble in Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s paradise. The couple announced their engagement in January 2022, but Megan revealed a few days back that their engagement had been called off. The status of their current relationship is unknown.